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Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Did you know you can have fading stamped concrete recolored? Even when severely faded, there is a viable way to bring life and personality back to your concrete driveway, walkway, patio, front porch, pool deck, and more. Instead of feeling embarrassed to have family and friends visit, stamped concrete recoloring will give you a sense of pride.

When colored concrete fades, it diminishes the appearance and value of the entire property. Even if you had a superior product applied to a concrete surface, after 20 years, you could expect some level of fading. Keep in mind that the surface might remain intact, meaning it is fully functional. However, discoloration or fading is typical due to foot and vehicle traffic, sunlight, spilled substances, and more.

Instead of having the concrete torn out and replaced, which takes time and makes a mess, you can have a professional installer transform the surface with a recoloring product, like from the SunRestore system. Typically, solid color concrete surfaces fade worse than those with a translucent or marbled effect.

Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Thanks to advancements in decorative concrete formulas and technologies, recoloring systems are now incredibly innovative and successful. Along with adding color to a dull surface, today’s products also improve long-term durability. With stamped concrete recoloring, you can expect a longer service life.

For concrete with surface imperfections, the same SunRestore line works as a patching and repair system. As a result, the installer can fix problem areas and recolor at the same time. In addition to 16 signature colors, you can always have colors blended or mixed to create a one-of-a-kind look. For a partially faded surface, you would select the same or a similar color. For a 100 percent faded area, you have a clean slate. With that, you can start over, choosing an entirely different color.

Although nothing beats the original color, the right product comes close. For old and faded concrete, stamped concrete recoloring is the way to go. With the project finished, family and friends will think you had a new surface installed.

Top 6 Pool Deck Material Options for In-Ground Pools (with 1 bonus option!)

When resurfacing a pool deck, it can be quite stressful to figure out the details. There are important things to consider like maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. To help you out, here is a short list of the most popular materials used for in-ground pool decks. Read on to gain information about each one and, hopefully, find the one that is just right for you.

  • Concrete

Concrete can easily be molded into any shape. It provides a smooth surround around the pool. Nowadays, concrete can come in various colors aside from the utilitarian gray that it usually comes in. However, some architectural concepts, such as mid-century modern or contemporary, require and feature the raw look of concrete. It is highly recommended to have a professional pour and install a concrete pool deck to make sure that it is properly mixed, laid out, and leveled. You can even have it stamped, stained, and more.

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  • Brick

Brick is one of the most timeless materials in the history of man. It has been in use for over 5,000 years and it manages to stay on any top lists, be it for pool decks, patios, driveways, and more. Although the most common color is red and terracotta, brick is now manufactured in a wider range of colors.

  • Pavers

Pavers are popular for use on outdoor surfaces. It comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes. It comes in a limited variety of colors, making it possible to create decorative patterns upon installation. Interlocking pavers are a highly popular material today because these are designed to resemble granite, brick, cobblestone, and other pavement materials.

  • Wood

Wood is more common on above-ground pool decks but it is also ideal for use on in-ground types. Planks of wood are put together to create a rustic yet luxurious lounging area around the pool. This requires careful planning and you need to make sure that you choose a wood type that could endure outdoor elements and frequent splashes of water. A good sealer is also needed to seal off the grains and to keep water from penetrating the material.

  • Stone

For natural-looking pool decks, stone is always the number one choice. It features random colors and patterns that look stunning. It has enough texture, making the surface non-skid enough for safe walking. Natural stone enhances any architectural feature or landscape effortlessly. Flagstone is one of the most popular types because it is almost flat enough for use on pool decks.

  • Tile

Now, this is not the tile often used in baths and kitchen sinks. Tile for pool decks need to be textured and slip-resistant. The best type of tile for pool decks is the unglazed terracotta. There are other options, make sure to consult an expert to help you find a proper tile for outdoor use.

  • Artificial Turf (Bonus!)

Grass is a common deck for backyard swimming pools. However, not everyone is fond of having to step on grass barefooted especially after coming out of the pool. Also, grass can be a source of dirt and debris and it requires higher maintenance than other pool deck materials. The alternative? Fake grass. This is a sustainable option that gives the natural look of real grass but with the addition of water conservation. Since it is fake and does not grow, maintenance is also kept to a minimum.

Colored concrete around a pool deck

Colored concrete around a pool deck

5 Versatile and Organized Garage Workshop Ideas

A garage’s purpose is not solely to house the car when not in use. It is also an ideal spot for a workshop, whether your passion is woodwork, mechanics, or handicrafts. From the garage flooring up to the walls, what can be done to make it a versatile and organized workshop? Here are 5 cool ideas you should take advantage of:

1. Wheels

Wheels make almost anything portable. Attach chair casters, the type of wheels you find under swivel chairs, under heavy tool boxes, organizers, cabinets, or equipment that you use a lot. This way, you can have easy access to any tool you need without having to go back and forth. Make sure to apply concrete sealers on the floor to protect it from scratches and wheel marks.

2. Epoxy Flooring

Believe it or not, garage floors play a huge role in making the room look organized. Messy, stained, and damaged floors will make a room look messy, no matter how every single item is placed in its rightful spot. The epoxy coating can be applied on existing concrete floors, giving it a more durable, damage-resistant surface that can be customized to your liking. Epoxy floors are easier to clean and maintain, too. This way, you get to spend more time doing your work rather than spending countless hours cleaning the floor.

3. Pegboard

This type of wall organizer is very versatile. The holes allow you to customize where you attach hooks and what not. Unlike pre-made organizers or containers which have fixed spaces for stuff, a pegboard gives you the freedom to make use of all available space efficiently. You may also want outline an item, scissors for example, on the pegboard to give anyone an idea where it belongs on the wall.

4. Foldaway Workbench

A workbench is a very important element in any workshop. To prevent it from eating up too much space in the garage, why not make it a foldaway? This is often connected to a wall and then just pulled and propped up when it is needed. It easily folds and lays flat against the wall when not in use, freeing up much-needed space especially in small garages. Just make sure that the foldaway workbench is durable enough to stay upright when in use. Put a locking mechanism to keep it up or down when it needs to be.

5. Labels

Whether these are pieces of paper and tape or pre-made label stickers, these are extremely helpful in making a garage workshop versatile and organized. Make sure that the font used is large and clear enough to make it easy to read. Labels help make it easier to find items and to put them back where they belong.

5 Ideas for Garage Transformation

The garage is as important as any other room in the house, if not more important. It is where the car sits, where unused items are stored, and where some repairs are done. However, not everyone makes use of a garage. If you are one of them and you think you could turn it into something that could benefit you more, then here are some garage transformation ideas you might want to consider:

Home Office

The garage is the perfect place to create a dedicated office within your home. It has its own entrance and a dedicated space where business will not mix with household activities. All you have to do is tidy the area up, add a fresh layer of paint, some office furniture, and your office space is ready.

Play Area

There is never enough space for a play area. Kids and their toys will be everywhere. If your garage is not being used and you have kids, they would be so grateful to claim that area as their fortress. Just make sure to change the garage flooring into something cleaner and safer. Add some padded areas as well and make sure that there is no loose stuff around that could cause injuries during playtime.

Creative Space

Artists can be quite messy so having a dedicated space to work and stuff all their supplies is highly necessary. However, paint can be very unforgiving on the floor. To keep the garage floors protected, it is recommended to apply a layer of epoxy floor coating. It is a non-porous material so you can make sure that paint won’t penetrate the surface and make a stain. The existing storage cabinets and shelves will be very useful.

Man Cave

Every man dreams of their own space. The garage is wide enough to accommodate a billiard table, some couches, a TV, or even a mini-bar. There really isn’t much you should change in a garage since most men favor the rough and tough look of it. But if you want it to be cleaner and cooler, a fresh layer of paint can instantly transform its ambiance.

Mini Gym

A lot of people are more fitness-conscious nowadays and they are investing in exercise equipment they could use at home. An unused garage is perfect for this function. It provides you with enough privacy to do your routine. You can open up the garage doors to allow air to come in and freshen you during your workout. Garage floors can get damaged with all that heavy equipment, stomping, and jumping around. The best way to enhance the strength and durability of the floor is by opting for an epoxy flooring.

Pros & Cons of Concrete Sealing

Pros & cons of pool deck concrete sealing Nashville TN

There are many different ways that concrete can be used. It is a widely used material, all thanks to its versatility. For concrete flooring projects, you’ve probably heard that sealing is necessary, especially after staining, stamping, or having an epoxy floor applied. However, some say that sealing isn’t necessary. Confused? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide whether to seal or not to seal.


Helps Repel Moisture – Concrete is a very porous material. Moisture can easily seep into it and this can be quite damaging to the concrete itself. It can encourage the existence of molds or moss, which could weaken and eventually break down concrete. Sealers help create a thin film of protection against moisture.

Stain Resistance – Whether it is from paint, fruits, beverages, grease, or anything that may cause ugly stains on a concrete floor, a sealing product could help protect any stain for being permanent.

Enhances Color – Colored concrete is one of the most popular floor solutions nowadays. A sealer coating helps make stains, dyes, or pigments a lot more vibrant. Also, it helps prevent fading while making the surface a bit shinier, depending on the type of sealer used.

Revive Old Floors – The age of floors can be evident by how dull and lifeless it is. A coat of sealer can help revive its shine, breathing new life to it once again.


Requires Maintenance – Although it is an added layer of protection for concrete, it still requires maintenance in order to maximize its benefits. Sealed concrete floors need to be free from dirt, rotting leaves and flowers, mud, and more.

Resealing – Nothing lasts forever so expect sealers to fade after a year or two. The speed at which it fades or stops providing protection would depend on how much use and abuse the surface goes through.

Additional Upfront Cost – It is important for floor owners to discuss sealing with the contractor to make sure that it is something necessary for the type of surface being sealed. This way, unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Not environment-friendly – Most sealer products contain chemicals that make it protective, water-repellent, and stain-resistant. It is important to leave the application to the pros to ensure proper application without affecting the surroundings.

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