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Decorative concrete floor in residence

Decorative concrete floor in residence

If you have ever wanted to add more livable space to your home at a fairly reasonable cost you may just need to look under your feet; Your Basement.  A basement with a decorative finish and comfortable decor can be a great place to relax, play or turn into a man-cave.

A What are your options here? Actually, there are some surprising possibilities of which you should be aware.

Don’t use carpet!

Carpet may seem like the obvious choice but it can smell musty, be difficult to clean and be darn right laden in mites and dust.  A solid surface like decorative concrete can allow for ease of maintenance, a dust free surface and you can add area rugs where needed that can be changed and updated as needed.

Color Choices
With Decorative concrete your color choices are endless.  Use a concrete stain for a natural finish or a vibrant dye for a fun look.

Your Contractor
This brings us to the most important point. Not all concrete contractors are going to do the best job. If you really want to ensure that your basement renovation looks the way you imagined, working with the most skilled and reputable concrete contractor company in Nashville is imperative.

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