Learn Why Nashville Is Choosing Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors in Nashville

Stained concrete floors in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is a city full of life. As the heart of country music, it is common to see street performers giving their all in hopes of making it big one day. There are also music theaters everywhere, featuring the country’s best bluegrass and country stars. Considering that stained concrete floors are also vibrant and exciting, it is easy to understand why so many people in Nashville choose this flooring solution over others.

Stained concrete floors are extremely versatile, just like the versatility you find in Nashville. Depending on the look that you want to achieve for your home or business, a professional installer will use the appropriate color or color combination, texture, and pattern.

A unique aspect of stained concrete floors is that you can choose either a water-based or acid-based product. For example, Sundek has the SunStain product line that offers both options, as well as a dye for concrete surfaces. Although the two stains work in different ways, they each produce gorgeous colors and interesting design effects.

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Stained Concrete Floor

If you go with an acid-based stain, such as SunAcid, what happens is that once applied to the surface, it reacts to chemicals in the concrete. Not only will you end up with permanent color, you will also enjoy a beautiful variegated look. If you have a business in Nashville with significant foot traffic, an acid-based stain is ideal. Throughout its lifetime, it will continue providing gorgeous color.

A water-based stain, such as SunH20, is also an excellent choice. With this product, the stain changes the surface color rather than penetrating. Even so, with a quality sealer applied on top, that color will remain beautiful for a long time. The one advantage of using a water-based product for stained concrete floors is that you have many more color options. As a result, you can be more creative when designing a new floor for your Nashville home or business.