Acrylic Spray Texture Coating

“An economical sprayed on textured acrylic coating that can be installed vertically or to horizontal surfaces.”

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SunSplash Overview

The design of SunSplash was intended to protect concrete surfaces from the elements, such as moisture, salts and environmental pollutants.

These elements can all cause early wear and tear and degrade the concrete. SunSplash can be combined with a variety of effects such as Custom Scoreline, Aggregate Effects and Masonry Effects. It can also be combined with a variety of color layers and decorative input.

SunSplash’s benefits include the fact that it has a slip resistant texture and provides a skid resistant surface that is durable and will endure even in high traffic areas.

Features and Benefits:  SunSplash is economical and its surface finish creates a safe, anti-slip, durable yet appealing surface. It is easy to maintain and has an extremely low cost of ownership. SunSplash is an acrylic based cement product, and it can be enhanced with the addition of integral color, dyes, stains, and additional cut patterns and designs.  Adding multiple color splashes to the surface is another popular method of adding flare and pizazz to SunSplash, by providing enhanced depth and color patterns.

Where to use it:  The SunSplash system is perfect for pool decks, patios, walkways, entryways, drives, courtyards, and breezeways.

How it’s done:  SunSplash is applied with a spray-gun. The textured pattern is not “knocked down” with a trowel. This leaves an “orange peel” effect. SunSplash installation can be directly onto a clean prepared concrete surface, but first may need a base coat, depending on the concrete surface to which it is being applied.  A clear coat sealer should then be applied so that SunSplash is sealed and this ensures a long lasting, durable surface.

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