Country Club Renovation Includes 18,000 Square Feet of Concrete Resurfacing

At the Richland Country Club, SUNDEK of Nashville resurfaced a pool deck, balcony, terrace, and more—and created a custom pattern.

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In 1998, SUNDEK of Nashville (SON) resurfaced the pool deck at Richland Country Club in Nashville, Tennessee, using the renowned Classic Texture coating. More than 20 years later, the country club began a significant renovation project. Happy with the beauty and quality of the pool deck that had been installed at the club many years before, the board members reached out to Andy Guy, owner of SON, to complete some of the renovations.

As part of the $22,000,000 facility renovation, the Richland Country Club wanted to resurface three front entrances, the porte-cochère, a rear balcony, a terrace, and the 12,000 square foot pool deck. The existing pool deck, which SON had installed more than 20 years before, was installed using Classic Texture.

Classic Texture is the first product SUNDEK created back in 1970. In fact, it’s the original spray texture overlay system that has become so popular for pool decks everywhere.

Here are the qualities that make it a favorite:

  • It's slip resistant, providing peace of mind.
  • It’s non-porous, which means oils and chemicals don’t penetrate the coating.
  • It's simple, straightforward, and inexpensive to maintain.
  • It's comfortable to walk on and doesn't get scorching hot on summer days.
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Because of these reasons and more, the board wanted to stick with using Classic Texture for the pool deck. The rest of the surfaces, which totaled around 6,000 square feet, had a classic basketweave brick pattern. For the renovation, though, the board was looking for a more modern look—a slate pattern. The club had used some stone pavers in another section of the club and asked SON to match the color and size of the pavers, requesting a sample for approval before the contracts were signed.

To achieve this, Guy decided to send his crew to the country club with sample boards and materials to replicate the pavers as accurately as possible. With the pavers as their visual guide, the crew was able to create samples on site using SunStamp—an effect that can be used to create a specific design. SunStamp gives SUNDEK contractors the ability to create a wide variety of looks with stamps, templates, and freeform carving. While SUNDEK contractors have many patterns available for customers to choose from, they can also create custom stamps. A host of coloring techniques also means customers can also get their desired color or colors.

SUNDEK of Nashville resurfaced the entries to the Richland Country Club in Nashville, TN.

After a few iterations of the design, the sample was eventually approved by the board. The final design included the SON crew painting all grout lines by hand with finish coat after applying SunAcid to the pattern. SunAcid reacts with the minerals and salts in the concrete to create a translucent mottled look. One of the many great features about using this coloration method is that it becomes a permanent part of the concrete coating and cannot crack or peel.

When the samples were approved and the production schedule was agreed upon, the SON crew got to work. There were several logistical hurdles to overcome: SON needed to complete the project while the country club was fully open to its members. Additionally, since they were in the middle of a huge renovation, there were multiple other contractors working at the country club at the same time. Completing the job well despite these challenges required careful planning, organization, and keeping the job site as clean as possible during construction.

The two-month-long project began with grinding off the old coating from the front entrances, porte-cochère, and rear balcony. Work on the rear balcony presented a challenge: the crew needed to use a boom lift to rebuild and resurface the face. After proper preparation, installing the coating, and creating the detailed slate pattern, SON began their work on the pool deck. Even though the pool deck is large at 12,000 square feet, it was a welcome respite to the crew after the meticulous pattern work required for the entrances, porte-cochère, and rear balcony.

SON was able to successfully match stone pavers used in another area of the property using SunStamp and SunAcid.

The last piece that needed resurfacing was the terrace. Since the terrace is exposed and sits above an occupied space, SON applied a waterproofing layer before installing the coating. For waterproofing, SON used SunLastic, a waterproofing membrane that provides a layer of protection against abrasion and water damage. After the waterproofing was complete, the crew installed the SunStamp layer on top of the waterproofing and completed the last of the detailed design work.

On the last day of the project, Guy arrived to conduct a walkthrough with the general manager of the country club. The manager was more than pleased with the work, telling Guy, “I’ve watched your crew work here for eight weeks and there is no need to walk the project. I have walked it every day and your guys don’t make mistakes. Send me the bill.”

In two months, the crew installed 12,000 square feet of Classic Texture on the pool deck. Additionally, they removed around 6,000 square feet of coating and then applied a new coating to that same area—which they then designed in a detailed custom pattern. The crew worked tirelessly to meet the deadlines amidst weather challenges and logistical challenges to successfully create eye-catching surfaces that add to the overall beauty of the Richland Country Club.

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