Commercial Pool Deck

Many top contractors and architects opt for Sundek when choosing to install a commercial floor system. They need to be confident that the flooring system will be installed by expert installers and that it will stand the test of time when a large commercial development is at stake.

A commercial floor installation is subject to many variables and changes. That’s why Sundek of Nashville is the decorative concrete coating contractor of choice.  Our knowledge and experience makes us well prepared to deal with a commercial setting and to handle anything that gets thrown our way.

With our more than 40 years of experience, Sundek understands the demanding requirements of a concrete coating, and can deliver a multitude of quality systems to our clients. Here are the many systems that can be used around a property.


Hotels, motels, and other vacation getaways can choose from a wide variety of decorative concrete coating surfaces. Sundek has products for a wide array of areas and uses, for exterior and interior surfaces, ranging from pool decks to lobbys as well as driveways and porte cacheres.

There are many different applications of Sundek products. These include Stamped Concrete and the newly popular Limestone Coatings , the latest choice for a more natural, unique and European elegance.  Stained concrete gives a rustic mottled color and look and is a popular and simple way to add color to a concrete driveway. Whichever Sundek system is chosen, you will be able to give any hotel or motel a coating solution that makes financial sense for the long term.

Restaurant & Retail:

A floor that can handle the spills and traffic from food and people is vital in a restaurant or retail space. One of the most popular choices in floor finishes in these areas is stained concrete. A floor finished in stained concrete is durable and easily maintained.  Stained concrete provides a rustic look, “like it’s been there for years,” so popular nowadays.  If the desire is a more textured and patterned surface, a hand crafted custom overlay like a Tuscan texture finish might be the choice. Or perhaps the option is to kick it up a notch with Sunstone, the limestone coating that looks and feels like real stone.  Bathrooms and food prep areas should not be ignored. Good choices in these spaces  are a SunEpoxy epoxy floor coating or SunOne, the polyaspartic fast-curing solution which can be cured and ready for traffic in 24 hours. This solution ensures you are back in action as soon as possible and you don’t have to deal with any down-time.

Office & Business Parks

Whether you are in the planning stages of a new property or you have an existing office or business park that needs work, there is no better way to improve curb appeal than with a SUNDEK decorative concrete coating.  There are a range of price points to fit various budgets in every Sundek system.  Although the products are ideal for exterior entries, courtyards or porte cacheres, they are also ideal for interior lobbies, kitchen and break areas, and bathrooms, as well as vertical applications. All floors can be addressed to transform a company’s image whether it’s for you or your customer.

Healthcare, Schools & Churches:

The facilities of healthcare, schools and churches are all high traffic and take a beating from walking, rolling equipment, and general use. SUNDEK has a range of coating solutions at the right price. The surfaces provided by SUNDEK decorative concrete are far superior to carpet or grouted tile installations because stains, dirt and contaminants can get trapped or soaked up by the porosity of carpets, grouts, woods and bare concrete surfaces. The sealed, non-porous solutions from epoxy flooring to cementitious solutions, which mirror the looks of other flooring options, provide the sanitary and chemical and abrasion-resistant alternative that is key.

Splash & Water Parks:

The SUNDEK Classic Texture has been specified by many local municipalities and health departments as the go-to system for playgrounds, splash parks and other fun parks. SUNDEK is one of the originators of the acrylic spray texture decorative concrete coating systems that have proven to be ideal for pool decks. Our commitment to safe environments has been critical to our success throughout the years, and a major reason that we have been the “go-to” company when it comes to these areas. Our non-porous, easy-to-clean solutions are a dream environment for any maintenance department. Any necessary additional maintenance is only a phone call away to your local SUNDEK dealer.

Industrial Floors:

The SunEpoxy & SunOne systems of SUNDEK can stand up to any and every industrial situation such as:

  • Service Bays
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Distribution Centers


  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Pool Deck Surrounds
  • Balconies/Lanais
  • Entryways/ Walkways/ Breezeways
  • Porte Cacheres
  • Lobbies/Gamerooms
  • Mail & Laundry Centers
  • Individual Units / Lofts

Military & Government:

We are often chosen for the highly visible and highly quality conscious projects of the military and government due to the quality of the SUNDEK line of systems and the fact that they are installed only by SUNDEK artisans. Whatever the area that needs to be finished, we will be your partner in selecting the system that is right for you and your customers.

 Vertical Applications:

The combination of advanced technology and SUNDEK’s experience since 1970 as decorative concrete artisans in the flooring world means we are now moving into the realm of vertical surfaces. We can work with you to transform almost any vertical surface that stands before you into your own personal work of art. When you call on SUNDEK to revitalize a pool deck, patio, driveway, living room, lobby or garage floor, take a look at the interior and exterior vertical surfaces and soon enough your walls could be doing the talking for you.

SUNDEK concrete coatings are ideal for many vertical surfaces:

  • Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Planters
  • Utility Protection
  • Wainscoting

The application of SUNDEK systems onto a vertical surface transforms existing concrete, stucco, brick, drywall and painted surfaces into art without any frames or limits! Use your imagination and create any look, from Chicago-style brick to Picasso-like murals.

Turn any SUNDEK system into a vertical application in your home or commercial space.