Can I repair concrete myself?

While it is possible to repair concrete yourself, we highly recommend hiring an experienced contractor such as SUNDEK of Nashville. Because we’ve been repairing concrete for so long, we are well versed in the nuances and potential pitfalls that come with concrete repair. We are also familiar with how various treatments hold up to the weather conditions in this area of the country. We know the ideal conditions in which to complete the work so your job looks great when it’s done.

On top of fixing your concrete properly, we will analyze the damage and determine how to prevent it from happening again.

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What type of concrete repair does SUNDEK of Nashville offer?

Here are just some of the concrete restoration services we provide:

  • Commercial and plaza drives resurfacing
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Concrete coatings
  • Concrete crack repair
  • Concrete problem analysis
  • Concrete staining and coloration
  • Concrete veneer installation
  • Floor refinishing
  • Overall concrete restoration
  • Patching and resurfacing
  • Slab repair
  • Waterproof coatings
  • Fixing uneven concrete
  • Concrete step repair
  • Sidewalks, driveways and porches

Isn’t concrete durable? Why does it need to be repaired and restored?

Even though concrete is extremely durable, it’s not impervious to damage. In Nashville winters, salt can eat away at the surface of concrete and cause chipping or other wear and tear. When moisture gets into concrete, frozen deposits of liquid can expand and cause spalling. In the heat, improperly poured concrete can expand and sometimes crack.

Does a small crack in concrete need to be repaired?

While it’s possible that a very small, shallow crack will not get worse over time, it’s best to have a professional come to assess the damage. Over time, cracks can get worse and cause further damage.

Can I fix cracked concrete myself?

While it is possible to fix damaged concrete yourself, we recommend hiring an experienced professional to assess the damage and repair it. One of the many benefits of hiring a professional is that they are familiar with various types of damage and know the best way to approach it. At SUNDEK of Nashville, we also assess your surface and the surroundings to determine the cause of the damage—that will help us come up with a solution to prevent it from happening again. We can also resurface the entire area to make the damaged spot blend in with the rest of your surface.

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We serve all of Tennessee and surrounding areas, including Paducah, KY; Bowling Green, KY; and Huntsville, AL.

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