Concrete Sealing – Protection that Looks Good

concrete sealing NashvilleConcrete floors, on its own, is vulnerable to a variety of harmful elements. In Nashville, Tennessee, the humid weather and heavy leather boot traffic can damage floors as time goes by. Any floor owner would surely opt to extend the lifespan of their concrete floors if it all possible. Fortunately, IT IS possible. How? Through concrete sealing.

Benefits of Concrete Sealers

Sealer application is highly recommended by professional concrete refinishing contractors for a lot of indoor and outdoor flooring applications, and for good reasons why:

  •  Protection– Applied as a top layer, concrete sealers are designed to provide a protective layer against moisture, dirt, and the harmful effects of freeze-thaw cycles during the winter season. Chemicals, colored beverages, and other liquids that could spill on concrete are easily absorbed because concrete is naturally porous. This causes pigments of the liquids to stay and stick, causing ugly stains and discoloration. A sealer repels liquid, making it stay on the surface, ready to be wiped away.
  • Aesthetics – More than a protective layer, a sealer can also help enhance the look of concrete floors. While there are sealers that are almost invisible to the eye, there are those that provide a high gloss look. Solvent and water-based sealers can help enhance the color of the concrete floor, perfect for stained or dyed floors. Urethane sealers used on top of epoxy flooring surfaces offer a wide selection of finishes, ranging from matte to glossy.
  • Slip-Resistance – While sealers won’t necessarily affect the traction level of a concrete floor, it can be mixed with non-skid additives before applications. This gives floors a mildly rough finish that keeps it from being slippery, especially when wet.
  • Environment-friendly – Years ago, only water-based sealers are regarded as safe for the environment. However, there are now friendlier types of solvent-based sealers that have acquired the LEED certification for being a “green” option.

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