Brentwood Community Pool Deck Gets Resurfaced

SUNDEK of Nashville resurfaces a nearly 4,000-square-foot pool deck at a high-end community in Brentwood, TN.
At the Governor’s Club in Brentwood, TN, SUNDEK of Nashville resurfaced the pool deck to create an attractive, safe, and comfortable surface for guests to enjoy.

In Brentwood, Tennessee, about 20 minutes from the heart of Nashville, is the Governor’s Club—a private golf club community. In addition to the award-winning golf course, residents have access to other amenities including a beautiful pool and pavilion that had been resurfaced by SUNDEK of Nashville in 2003. After about two decades of use, the pool deck was cracking a bit, and ready for a refresh. The Governor’s Club, happy with the previous work that was done, contacted SUNDEK of Nashville about coming back to resurface the space.

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After examining the surface, SUNDEK of Nashville planned to remove the existing coating, prepare the surface, then apply Classic Texture with aggregate effects and Custom Scoreline Effects.

Classic Texture, also known as “knockdown texture,” is an ideal coating for a pool deck, especially one that gets so much use throughout the year. This acrylic spray texture overlay is known for being non-porous, so things like dirt and oils don’t penetrate and stain it. That’s an especially useful feature for a location that sees so many people who are bringing things like sunscreen and drinks along with them to the pool. Additionally, the textured surface makes it retain less heat, so it’s not unbearable to walk on during scorching hot summer days.

Another appealing reason to use Classic Texture in a setting where there’s lots of foot traffic is that it’s also known for being slip resistant. In a location such as the Governor’s Club, where families with young children hang out by the pool regularly, this creates peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about it getting extremely slippery when wet.

Finally, another reason people choose Classic Texture for pool decks is for its easy maintenance. At a location that sees a lot of visitors, cleaning it is as simple as hosing it down at the end of the day and addressing stains with a simple cleaning solution and a scrub brush when needed.

The client wanted a slip-resistant pool deck that doesn’t get too hot on summer days and is easy to clean but also hides dirt that gets tracked onto the surface in between cleanings. To address these needs, SUNDEK of Nashville used Classic Texture with Aggregate Effects in three different colors. They also used custom scorelines to incorporate existing cracks into the surface.

To address the cracking in the deck, SUNDEK of Nashville recommended Custom Scoreline Effects. By using this technique, SUNDEK crews work with the existing cracks instead of against them by incorporating them into the design. Taking this approach saves customers money in the long run because they avoid the need for recurring crack repair.

When it came to color, the Governor’s Club wanted something neutral and light so it wouldn’t get too hot, even on scorching summer days. At the same time, though, they were hesitant about a light color because it tends to show dirt and debris in between cleanings. SUNDEK of Nashville recommended Tweed Gray as a base and then Aggregate Effects in Bone White and Smoke Gray. Using this combination of three lighter colors not only creates a stylish surface, but it also serves to hide dirt.

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In addition to being happy with the finished surface, the client was also pleased with the smooth process and great customer service they experienced while working with SUNDEK. “We got the project done on time, and we’re not the contractor who has a ton of change orders on the project,” says Ross Hilz, Sales Manager for SUNDEK of Nashville. Hilz explains that he and his team strive to be thorough when they provide their quotes so there are no surprises for the client. “The price is the price,” he adds.

Even though there were several rainy days in the middle of working on the project, SUNDEK of Nashville prepped and refinished the 3,970 square-foot pool deck in just 10 days from start to finish, providing the Governor’s Club with a pool deck surface that’s not only attractive, but also safe and comfortable to walk on, making it a great place for families to hang out for many summers to come.

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