Get a Cool Deck Coating for Your Pool Deck

Ensure your pool deck remains comfortable to walk on, even during scorching summer days, by choosing the right coating.

cool deck coatingAt this property in Hendersonville, TN, we resurfaced this pool deck with SUNDEK’s Classic Texture to create a cool deck that is also non-slip and comfortable to walk on.

There are numerous reasons why homeowners and property managers consider resurfacing their pool deck, but one of the primary motivations is to keep it cool. Without the appropriate coating, a pool deck can become unbearably hot, making it unpleasant to walk on when barefoot. Thankfully, there is a solution: cool deck coatings.

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What is a cool deck?

A cool deck is a pool deck that maintains a moderate temperature, even on very hot days. This can be achieved by applying a specific pool deck coating that’s designed and applied in a way that keeps it cooler than other surfaces.

What causes pool decks to get so hot?

Several factors contribute to high surface temperatures on a pool deck:

  • Topcoat material: The choice of material plays a crucial role. Acrylic is an ideal material, as it absorbs less heat than stone, plain gray concrete, and other materials.
  • Surface color: Darker pool decks retain more heat than lighter pool decks.
  • Location: Pool decks exposed to direct sunlight will naturally be hotter than those partially shaded or not directly exposed to sunlight.
  • Surface texture: Textured coatings tend to retain less heat than smooth surfaces.

Can you make an existing concrete pool deck cooler?

Absolutely. You can have a cool deck coating applied right on top of your existing concrete surface. If there’s any cracking, spalling, or other minor damage, it needs to be resolved before applying the new coating.

cool deck tennesseeIn Juliet, TN, we resurfaced this pool deck and walkway leading to the deck using Classic Texture. The new surface makes it comfortable to the pool and around the pool with bare feet—even on the hottest summer days.

Is a cool deck more expensive than concrete?

Since the cool deck coating goes on top of an existing concrete slab, yes—a cool deck installation will be more expensive than just getting a concrete slab installed. However, many pool owners believe that the difference in cost is justified by the comfort a cool deck brings.

The final cost depends on several factors:

  • Whether you need a brand-new slab installed or you’re working with your existing slab.
  • The condition of your existing concrete (you’ll need cracks, spalling, and other damage repaired before applying the coating).
  • The location of your project site impacts material costs.
  • The design of your surface affects the cost—a more intricate design will be more costly than a simple, one-color design.

For an accurate quote, reach out to a contractor such as SUNDEK of Nashville.

What material is cool deck?

Various products, predominantly made of acrylic and concrete, are commonly used for cool deck resurfacing. At SUNDEK of Nashville, we use the following products for the cool deck surfaces we install:

  • Classic Texture: Our most popular coating for pool decks. This acrylic, water-based product is textured in a way that provides a comfortable and cool surface.
  • SunColor: A water-based acrylic coating, SunColor can be applied over bare or textured surfaces, providing a fresh appearance.
  • SunSplash: Another acrylic product with a textured appearance. This is ideal for high-traffic locations.
  • SunSand: Used in combination with a finishing coat to create a fine texture that looks like sand.

Are cool decks slippery?

Reputable contractors such as SUNDEK of Nashville will take all the steps necessary to ensure that your pool deck doesn’t become slippery when wet. Here are a couple methods we use to enhance slip resistance:

  • Incorporate texture to provide grip for people walking on the deck.
  • Add non-slip aggregates to the sealer. Note that it’s important to keep up with reapplying your sealer as much as necessary to make sure the non-slip additives are still effective.

Which colors are best for cool pool decks?

As mentioned above, dark colors retain more heat. So, opting for a light color is your best bet if you hope to keep your pool deck surface cool on hot days.

At SUNDEK of Nashville, we use SUNDEK products which come in a wide variety of colors—many of them are light neutral colors that look fantastic on pool decks. Our contractors provide information on colors if you’re interested to know which ones reflect the most heat. Most of our colors are LEED certified.

cool deck smyrnaLight colors such as the one used here on this residential pool deck in the Nashville area help keep the surface cool.

How long does a cool deck last?

A cool deck lasts just as long as other decorative concrete surfaces—you do need to make sure to care for it properly by doing the following:

  • Remove dirt and debris regularly.
  • Wipe up spills from oils and other contaminants as soon as possible.
  • Keep your deck clear of wet towels or wet pool toys.
  • Check the effectiveness of your sealer every six months or so and reapply as needed. (Learn more about sealers.)
  • Address small cracks as soon as they occur.

Get more information about cleaning your decorative concrete surface.

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