Our Sundek Solutions come in a wide variety of products and finishes that will enhance any concrete surface. The products offered by Sundek of Nashville include concrete coloration and enhancement systems, concrete overlay systems, protective coating and sealer systems, and concrete repair products.

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When an existing concrete surface needs to be enhanced and made to look like new again, a concrete overlay system is the ideal solution. An overlay means starting with a rejuvenated, fresh surface, and that allows the addition of a new texture and pattern.

Overlays are designed to resurface (or “overlay”) an existing concrete surface and this makes it look new, fresh and rejuvenated. It also allows the addition of texture and patterns.

Classic Texture – The ORIGINAL Spray Texture – “Use the original Sundek spray texture system to transform an existing concrete surface or pool deck.”

SunStone – Architectural Limestone Coating – “Get the look of real stone with this coating that has a limestone base.”

SunStamp – Concrete Stampable Overlay – “Combining the technology of today and the look of “Old World” elegance through the use of a Sundek stampable overlay system.”

Tuscan – Hand Crafted Textured Overlay – “Creating a European style at a much lower cost using our hand-crated stamped overly system.”

SunCanvas – MicroTopping Coating – “Sundek MicroTopping allows you to express your artistic side, creating a new concrete canvas for any design.”

SunSplash– Economical Acrylic Spray Texture Coating – “This spray-on texture coating is applied to existing vertical or horizontal surfaces and provides a versatile and economical option.”

Concrete stains

Concrete stains


The Sundek concrete stains are semi-translucent colorations. They are applied topically to a concrete surface to create a variegated and mottled appearance.

SunAcid – Reactive Acid Stain – “Natural acid stains that provide natural hues and colors.”

SunH2O – Water-Based Concrete Stain – “This eco-friendly and user-friendly concrete coloration is available in a range of hues.”

SunDye – Liquid Concrete Dye – “A concrete dye that penetrates into any concrete overlay surface.”

Sundek Classic texture

Acrylic Finishes


These finishes are water tight sealers that are durable and offer the ultimate protection for a concrete surface, protecting from spills, stains, and general wear and tear.

Classic Texture Acrylic

SunColor – Acrylic Water-Based Finish Coat – “Will provide protection over all types of concrete surfaces, including textured, overlays, and bare concrete surfaces.”

SunSand – Textured Finish Coat – “A functional and economical solution for concrete surface protection.”


Epoxy Floors


Sundek epoxy coatings provide durable, long lasting and professional grade protection on a variety of applications including: workshop floors, garage floors, and industrial, commercial and mechanical spaces.

SunEpoxy – Thin Mil Epoxy Flooring System – “This is the perfect application for garages, auto repair shops, driveways, and light manufacturing and warehouse areas.”

SunEpoxy 100 – 100% Solids Epoxy Floor Coating – “This is great for through areas, tough applications, and heavy duty protection.”

Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic Coatings


Polyaspartics are the “Cadillac” of concrete coatings. They offer the best in abrasion resistance with heavy duty protection. They also have very quick dry and cure times, and unsurpassed turnaround time for commercial and industrial applications.  When the choice is a coating or sealer system and you want the very best and most durable commercial finish, choose SunOne polyaspartic.

SunOne – Polyaspartic Concrete Coating – “ SunOne Polyaspartic coating is the ideal solution for projects that need to be completed in one day.”


Clear Sealers


Protect all concrete surfaces from stains and water, using sealers and protective coatings.

SunClear EcoProtect – Clear Protective Concrete Coating – “Protects the design and colors created. ”

SunClear UltraProtect – Water Based Polyurethane Concrete Coating – “Great for protection from abrasion and extreme traffic.”