Nashville Driveway Makeover: Damaged & Dated to Beautiful & Functional

SUNDEK of Nashville resurfaced a cracking, slippery, outdated residential driveway to provide homeowners with a stylish surface that’s safe and easy to clean.
SUNDEK of Nashville used two products and three colors to complete this driveway renovation project: SunCoat in Smoke Gray and SunStamp in a combination of Midnight and Coral Reef.

When homeowners in Nashville began discussing everything they wanted renovated at their home in Nashville, updating the 5,450-square-foot driveway and parking pad made the list. With so many projects to tackle, the homeowners hired a representative to help them facilitate the renovations. To address the driveway resurfacing project, the representative contacted SUNDEK of Nashville.

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To create a cohesive look, SUNDEK of Nashville carried the stamped concrete façade throughout the surface: using it on the entire driveway and then continuing it along the edges of the parking pad.

When Ross Hilz, sales representative with SUNDEK of Nashville, came out to meet with the representative, he examined the existing driveway and parking pad to find an exposed aggregate surface that was badly cracked and damaged. In addition to wanting to update the look and address the damage, the homeowners also wanted something that wouldn’t get slippery like the existing surface—especially when wet with rainy and snowy conditions.

After his assessment, Hilz suggested a stamped overlay, SunStamp, for a portion of the surface and SunCoat for the rest. SunStamp is a versatile overlay that SUNDEK can customize with a variety of stamps or freeform carving techniques. The overlay can be further customized with staining so that the client can get the color or colors of their choice that fit with the style of the exterior of any structures nearby.

The surface not only met the homeowners’ design requirements—it also meets their safety requirements. SunStamp and SunCoat was textured in a way that provides traction, making it slip resistant even in rainy or snowy weather.

SunCoat is best described as a “rugged” coating because it is coarse and offers traction on surfaces that are prone to slipperiness—so it’s perfect for a driveway and parking area where people will need to be getting in and out of cars. While the word “rugged” doesn’t necessarily bring beauty to mind, SunCoat can be customized with various design options to look stunning.

But before meeting with Hilz, the representative had met with a different sales rep who had suggested an alternate solution: a base coat with a light stain and a colorband. Hilz made it clear that the other solution was not ideal and the homeowners may not be as happy with that option. It would provide less traction and difficult to keep clean. Still, the representative and homeowners opted for the first solution. After reiterating the possible downsides, Hilz and his team completed the job the way the client requested.

Before it was resurfaced, the driveway was an exposed aggregate surface that was damaged and a trip hazard when wet.

Six months later, the representative for the homeowners called Hilz. The driveway was indeed very difficult to keep clean and showed every tire mark. Additionally, it didn’t have as much traction as they would have liked. The representative requested that the SUNDEK of Nashville crews come out to do resurface the driveway in the way Hilz had originally recommended: with SunStamp and SunCoat.

After reviewing it again, the representative and homeowners were happy with SUNDEK’s plan, and SUNDEK set out to complete the work. For the SunCoat portion, they customized it with a neutral color of Smoke Gray; for the SunStamp portion, they opted for a combination of Midnight and Color Reef.

A before-and-after picture comparison that shows the driveway transformation completed by SUNDEK of Nashville.

When the driveway and parking pad were complete, the homeowners were elated with the result and the way it complemented the exterior of their home, appreciating that it didn’t show tire marks the way the previous coating had done. SUNDEK of Nashville was please to provide the clients with a beautiful and functional driveway that checked all the boxes: nice to look at, anti-slip, and easy to clean. To top it all off, it will hold up and look fantastic after years of use.

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