Pros & Cons of Concrete Sealing

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There are many different ways that concrete can be used. It is a widely used material, all thanks to its versatility. For flooring projects, it is quite frequent to hear people say that sealers products are necessary, especially after staining, stamping, or epoxy flooring Nashville applications. However, some people say that it can be skipped. Confused? Here are the pros and cons of sealing to help you make a sound decision as to whether to seal or not to seal.


Helps Repel Moisture – Concrete is a very porous material. Moisture can easily seep into it and this can be quite damaging to the concrete itself. It can encourage the existence of molds or moss, which could weaken and eventually break down concrete. Sealers help create a thin film of protection against moisture.

Stain Resistance – Whether it is from paint, fruits, beverages, grease, or anything that may cause ugly stains on a concrete floor, a sealing product could help protect any stain for being permanent.

Enhances Color – Colored concrete is one of the most popular floor solutions nowadays. A sealer coating helps make stains, dyes, or pigments a lot more vibrant. Also, it helps prevent fading while making the surface a bit shinier, depending on the type of sealer used.

Revive Old Floors – The age of floors can be evident by how dull and lifeless it is. A coat of sealer can help revive its shine, breathing new life to it once again.


Requires Maintenance – Although it is an added layer of protection for concrete, it still requires maintenance in order to maximize its benefits. Sealed concrete floors need to be free from dirt, rotting leaves and flowers, mud, and more.

Resealing – Nothing lasts forever so expect sealers to fade after a year or two. The speed at which it fades or stops providing protection would depend on how much use and abuse the surface goes through.

Additional Upfront Cost – It is important for floor owners to discuss sealing with the contractor to make sure that it is something necessary for the type of surface being sealed. This way, unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Not environment-friendly – Most sealer products contain chemicals that make it protective, water-repellent, and stain-resistant. It is important to leave the application to the pros to ensure proper application without affecting the surroundings.