Interior Floors: Decorative Concrete is Here to Stay

Imagine a hot and humid day in Nashville, Tennessee. It can get pretty hot, even indoors, which is why concrete is an ideal material for floors. Concrete floors have the ability to keep a room cool. But if the plain, gray look of the floor is not in your little book of personal style preferences, then why not opt for decorative interior floors? It has been a trend in the area and looks like it is here to stay for good.

Decorative Trends for Interior Floors

  • Stained Concrete

Concrete staining is one of the simplest ways to enhance plain concrete floors. It is also an ideal solution to mask off ugly stains or discoloration. Stains come in two types: acid and water-based. Acid stain penetrates deep into the slab so color chipping, peeling, or fading will never be an issue. It is also a reactive solution that produces an antiquated, variegated, or mottled look, depending on the chemical reaction that occurs between the metallic salt in the stain and the lime content of the floor. Water-based stain, on the other hand, is non-reactive and only penetrates the surface of the floor. It produces more vibrant and consistent colors, perfect for meticulous floor designs. It is highly recommended to use concrete sealers on a stained floor to lock the colors in, protect it from damage, and make it easier to clean.

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  • Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coatings are often used on garage floors. It is known for its resistance to impact, abrasion, and most stains. This is only applicable for use indoors because it tends to turn yellowish when exposed to UV rays. The low porosity of metallic epoxy floors makes it easy to clean. Spills wipe off easily and dust stays on the surface, ready to be swept.

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  • Polyurea Polyaspartic

Currently the most durable floor coating, polyurea polyaspartic used to be applied on industrial and commercial floors. It is super durable and resistant to damage. It is also known for its fast-drying property. It requires a professional concrete resurfacing installation because of its shorter pot life.

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